The Coalition for Immigrant Health was formed by Center for Health Progress in 2016 to secure the safety and well-being of immigrants and their families across Colorado. This growing group of people and organizations is working together toward universal access to health care by centering the needs and perspectives of immigrants. We do this through community organizing, education and outreach, policy analysis and change, and connecting people to services in their community.

Guiding Principles

  • We define health broadly: We know that a person’s ability to be healthy is a result of their economic, social, and environmental conditions. We advocate for policies that will increase health, well-being, and justice, and reduce inequities.
  • We believe everyone’s role in the work is important: Serving immigrants directly through health care or other social services, community organizing, leadership development, and advocating for good public policy are all critical strategies to address barriers to health and construct healthy societies.
  • We believe in Collective Liberation: All manifestations of prejudice and inequality are related, and we must actively challenge all of them in order to benefit all of us. Due to racism, sexism, poverty and many other hierarchies, certain communities suffer disproportionately higher rates of violence, discrimination, and un(der)employment; face greater barriers to health care and education; and have much less access to information. We prioritize the needs and voices of communities who face multiple kinds of oppression, such as those who are immigrants of all documentation statuses, as well as Native or First Nations, women, low- or no-income, non-binary or genderqueer, non-passing, youth, elders, people of color, people with mental or physical disabilities, sex workers, people who are homeless, and people who are incarcerated.

Current Members