The Coalition works toward a variety of legislative, regulatory, and other types of solutions that improve immigrants’ health, well-being, and safety.

Tax Fairness Act

Our Coalition supported a bill that would generate funding for low-income families and K-12 education.

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Insurance Affordability

Our Coalition supported a bill that would make health insurance more affordable for those who buy it from the individual market, including immigrants without documentation.

Data Privacy

Our coalition supported legislation to protect the personal information of immigrants and others using public programs and services.

Community Protection

Our Coalition arms families with critical information and resources so they can navigate complex legal structures.

We prioritize solutions that are:

  • Supportive of immigrants and supported by immigrant communities
  • Related to health care, by improving coverage, access to care, and/or quality of care
  • Filling a recognized and identified gap
  • Supported by evidence and data
  • Within the Coalition’s resources and capacity to act on
  • Not duplicative or overshadowing of existing work
  • Decided on by the members of the coalition
  • Held accountable to the community
  • Not sacrificing long-term goals and core values for short-term strategies